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Rainwater Tank Accessories

Rainwater tanks provide an alternative supply of water, reducing bills, strain and water usage. Not only are they highly beneficial for the environment, but they are also relatively simple to invest in. Aussie Water Savers stocks and distributes a wide variety of accessories that can help you get the most out of your rainwater tank system.

Rainwater Tank Pumps

We have several rainwater tank pumps available which all types of rainwater tanks. Pumps can be used for garden taps and can also be connected to toilet and washing machine for new residential developments

Basix Smart Pump

The Smart Pump is the most effective system on the market, which is why it’s the preferred water diverter system for new home developments across NSW. The Smart pump is an external water pump with hydrostatic brass change over valve meaning simple installation and reliable operation. The pump is operated by standard 3 pin, 240 volt power, and comes pre plumbed with stainless steel braided connection hoses and in a colour coded fully enclosed and vented pump house that’s labelled for easy fool proof connection to be completed in just minutes. The pump can be used in up to 3 storey homes with 6 points of connection..

Its benefits include:

  • Compatibility with solar power and any rainwater tank
  • No messy wiring or float switches: it is fully self-contained
  • Quiet and reliable operation

Garden Pump

Sydney Water customers know that Level 1 water restrictions are in place. With summer just around the corner, this could mean your garden will need to rely on less water. Having a tank and garden pump system can solve the problem of a garden without water..

The garden pump produces more pressure while using less power to do so. The garden pump is capable of pumping out 60 litres per minute but when combined with a standard garden hose and nozzle, you will have greater pressure than mains water in most areas.

It is certified to AS4020 for Portable Water (Drinking Water), with a special digital pressure controller will automatically vary pressure. The pump comes standard in a colour coded pump house vented and with drain holes.

Submersible Pumps

The choice for home builders who want the discreet neat look. The submersible pump is a stainless steel unit with integrated pressure controller. Home builders choose this pump for projects that have space at a premium and want to integrate tanks into architect designed homes. The pump is a variable pressure unit which is typically paired up with our hydrostatic water diverter which allows for connection to toilets, washing machine and garden taps for BASIX requirements. The pump has capacity of 60 litres per minute and can function perfectly for large 3 storey homes and even homes that have solar power. It uses a standard 3 pin 240 volt plug with a 10 metre lead and comes standard with a nylon rope 20 metre draw line for easy access when in the tank.

Its benefits include:

  • Its compatibility with any rainwater tank alongside compatibility with solar power
  • No messy wiring or float switches, as it is a fully self-contained unit

Other Accessories

It isn’t just pumps that make up a great tank system. There’s other products as well like suction filters, pump housing, tank screen covers and tank bags just to name a few.

Inline Suction Filter

Our inline suction filters will filter the water running through your pump, providing you with the cleanest water whilst also giving your pump a longer lifespan. A reusable inline filter that’s washable and easily maintained, this in line filter can be added to any external pump or tank combination.

Pump Housing

Protect your pump from the elements with our durable UV grade pump houses, which match all ColourBond colours. Made from the same tough material our rainwater tanks are made from, these fully enclosed waterproof poly pump houses ensure your external pump is protected from the harsh conditions of our Australian environment. To ensure immediate drainage, our pump houses are also equipped with drainage holes and have vents to ensure cooling of electronic components.

Tank Screen Cover

Our rainwater tank screen covers prevent light entry into the tank, keeping debris off the tank screen and stopping the growth of algae in stored water. It’s an extra stage of pre filtration that’s easy to maintain and install.

Tank Filter Bag

Protect your water with the Aussie Water Savers tank bag. This machine washable, reusable filter bag is a very effective method of pre filtering water which enters the tank. The bag catches sediment and small debris that a standard filter basket cannot catch. The tank bag can be installed to any above ground rainwater tank.

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