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We design, manufacture, install and service Rainwater harvesting systems.

Design & Manufacture of Your Rainwater Tank

Aussie Water Savers is Sydney’s best water tank manufacturer.

As the leading water tank manufacturer, we also understand how important it is to create a water tank design which is unique to our customers’ tastes and specifically designed to meet their needs. This way they don’t have to compromise on the look and use of their money saving asset.

We are sticklers for quality and that is why every tank we make is checked for its thickness, durability and quality before we deliver to our customers. Our poly tanks are also BPA free and have a high UV rating. This, as well as having no joints in the tanks means it won’t be worn down from the harsh Australian weather and crack or split.

Rainwater Tank Delivery & Installation

At Aussie Water Savers we know that in order for a quality product to perform at its best it needs to be installed by the best. This is why installation comes with all of our products. Our licenced team has 40 years of combined plumbing experience which means when we install your water tank your water supply is in professional and trustworthy hands. Our non-intrusive rainwater tank installation methods typically are less than one day in duration. The best part is we won’t disrupt your water supply, allowing you to go about your day as you usually would.

We have fast manufacture times, and can have your tank ready for collection or for delivery in a shorter time than our nearest competitors.

Servicing & Maintaining Your Rainwater Tank

It is not enough to just buy a rainwater tank and think it will run smoothly by itself, it needs to be serviced. According to the NSW Health,rainwater tank servicing should be completed at least twice a year to ensure the quality of the water running through your water system is fit for its purpose. Also, the federal government, through Department of Health, provides specific requirements for rainwater tank servicing and health and safety. Aussie Water Savers can manage the servicing needs of your tank system in line with standards set by these two government agencies. Aussie Water Savers can make this rainwater tank servicing simple when you join our AWS club. This way we can conduct a rainwater tank health check on your tank, no matter what brand your tank is, and you can be up to date with our latest promotions. This rainwater tank health check includes checking and cleaning your tank’s entry points and catchment areas, filters and strainers, checking your rainwater tank’s pressure pump and giving advice on any system modifications.

We believe it is integral to have your rainwater tank serviced regularly as this not only means your tank will run efficiently and provide you with clean water, but this will increase the longevity of your tank. Just like your car, servicing it will keep it running smoothly for longer.

Contact Us For Rainwater Tank Services

Want to purchase a rainwater tank but don’t want to deal with all the hassle that comes with it? Or maybe you want to deal directly with the designer, manufacturer, installer and service provider at once? Then contact Aussie Water Savers! We provide everything you need to make your home a water saving home.. So, get in touch with us today to go through our seamless service and come out the other end with a quality rainwater tank and a great experience with our excellent team.

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