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Underground Rainwater Tanks

Our extra durable underground poly tanks are a unique option that offer you so many benefits. Not only are they 100% Australian made, they are engineered with double the strength. They are space efficient and are tucked away out of sight, leaving more space around your backyard! Our Underground Tanks are also trafficable when installed under your driveway, so you don’t have to worry about causing damage to your tank!

Our mission is To offer real solutions in harvesting and maintaining an independent source of water to all households, schools and businesses. . We design, manufacture, deliver and install quality rainwater tank systems.. We understand that this is a decision you make with a vision for the future. This is why we offer, in addition to a consumer gurantee, , a Lifetime Warranty for those of our clients who become AWS club members.

Our extra durable underground poly tanks are Australian made, and engineered for underground installation quickly and cost effectively.. Space efficient and tucked away, they leave you with more space to enjoy with friends and a bigger playground for your family. 

We offer slim water tanks and round water tanks but our trade clients often prefer underground tanks for space saving and complex stormwater engineering designs.k. There are many benefits of this type of installation, some of the reasons we discuss below.

What Is an Underground Water Tank?

 An underground water tank is the best solution for your new home when storm water engineers design a drainage system with an underground tank., They are durable, take very little time to be installed and connected, and cost less than concrete underground tanks, and can also be installed under driveways and other double-duty spaces. If you want to collect rainwater from a larger area on your property, multiple tanks can be installed in a very short time, and to suit any new residential or commercial development.

Benefits of Underground Rainwater Tanks in Sydney

Most new townhouse or duplex developments require a stormwater plan designed by engineers, and some times those plans specify a concrete tank which can be costly, require additional trade services, and also take a significant amount of time to build. When space is tight and time costs money, an underground rainwater tank from Aussie Water Savers is ideal for your next development project..

We can provide underground rainwater tanks from 1000LL. To get the most benefit from your underground rainwater tank, you will need to check your BASIX checklist and hydraulic plans to ensure the tank you need is the tank you order. But don’t worry, we can help. Simply email us a copy of your plans and we can provide you a quote including all the necessary accessories for compliance

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1000L Underground Rainwater Tank


Diameter: 1200mm
Height: 1200mm
Weight: 150kg
Material: UV rated, food grade, virgin poly 

12 Washing machine loads

180 Toilet flushes

1 Hour of constant garden watering

Get it delivered within 48 Hours



Diameter: 1700mm
Height: 1700mm
Weight: 200kg
Material: UV rated, food grade, virgin poly  

35 Washing machine loads

483 Toilet flushes

3 Hours of constant garden watering

Get it delivered within 48 Hours



Diameter: 1800mm
Height: 1900mm
Weight: 280kg
Material: UV rated, food grade, virgin poly 

69 Washing machine loads

789 Toilet flushes

5 Hours of constant garden watering

Get it delivered within 48 Hours

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