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About AWS Aussie Water Savers

There aren’t too many people in NSW that haven’t heard of Aussie Water Savers, which isn’t surprising when we have spent over 35 Years in the Rainwater Tank and Plumbing industry; we can boast a saving of over 2 Million liters of water for Australian households over this time.


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We are Australia's Number 1 Rainwater Tank Company.

All our technicians are certified plumbing professionals.

We are 100% Australian made and owned.

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Aussie Water Savers

23 Charles Street, St Marys, NSW 2760 Phone: (02) 9623 4700 Mobile: 0432 689 818 Email: info@aussiewatersavers.com.au


Aussie Water Savers
23 Charles St
St Marys, NSW 2760 Phone: (02) 9623 4700