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About AWS Aussie Water Savers

There aren’t too many people in NSW that haven’t heard of Aussie Water Savers, which isn’t surprising when we have spent over 35 Years in the Rainwater Tank and Plumbing industry; we can boast a saving of over 2 Million liters of water for Australian households over this time.


To be a partner for change by delivering water harvesting solutions to individuals and organisations with a desire or demand to have high quality, value for money, water saving solutions for home or business use.

Mission statement

Our goal is to manufacture the best quality rainwater tank systems for construction professionals of residential and commercial projects. Aussie Water Savers is committed to continual improvement of our products services and processes.We have saved over 2 million litres of water for Australian households since our establishment. We want to work with our clients to save another 5 million over the next 5 years.


To offer real solutions in harvesting and maintaining an independent source of water to all households, schools and businesses.

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