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Award-winning manufacturer of Rainwater Tank Systems

Award-winning Manufacturer of Rainwater Tank Systems

Aussie Water Savers is the leading Manufacturer for Rainwater Tanks in Sydney.

We use the latest State of the Art Roto Moulding equipment; this means that we are a

100% quality assured company.

The highest Australian standard of any plumbing fittings or accessories is the Watermark stamp. We hold this in high regard and undertake a stringent annual auditing process from the Governing body the Australian Building Codes Board.

Our design and manufacturing process mandates that each tank is individually tested each time for:

  • Thickness
  • Durability
  • Quality

We are committed to supplying Australian households and businesses with high qualityRainwater Tank harvesting systems.

Aussie Water Savers is the leading award-winning water tank manufacturer in Sydney. The company has saved 2 million litres of water for Australian households during an impressive 35 years in the industry. 

Aussie Made, Aussie Tough

Want to know what makes our tanks award-winning? All our tanks are Australian made with quality raw material. Not only that, we’ve got a huge range of sizes and shapes to fit any project. Our water tank design is unique by being BPA free and delivers high UV rating. Our poly water tank design is the best on the market and our above ground water tanks also feature an in-built extra thick base, meaning there is no need for the added hassle of installing a concrete slab.

We have water tank designs to perfectly suit your needs and space. All of our tanks are guaranteed to not split as they are seamlessly designed with no joints. Concerned about the longevity of your investment? No problem, on top of our consumer guarantee, we offer a life time warranty when we install an Aussie Water Savers brand tank and service your tank on a regular basis. 

Our slim rainwater tanks are ideal for small spaces and are perfect for narrow installation areas. They are only 700mm wide, which means you are not sacrificing any space for your rainwater tank.

Our round rainwater tanks suit a growing family, or an avid gardener and our underground rainwater tanks are perfect for making the most of your property. We can even install it under your driveway, if space is at a premium. 

Quality Customer Service Guaranteed

Our water tank design is of the highest quality and holds WaterMark approval, meaning we are delivering the best product for you. We are proud of our reputation as an award-winning Australian water tank manufactuer and to ensure we keep up with our sparkling reputation we individually test each tank for its thickness, durability and quality. We are not only committed to being the best watertank manufacturers but also delivering great customer service. We can even design a water tank which is unique for your space and needs. The team at Aussie Water Savers can manufacture and install a system which can fit between doors, windows, and even air conditioners and hot water systems. We will make the perfect water tank for your needs.

Start Saving Water Today, Get In Touch

Our team has over 40 years of combined rainwater tank installation experience and we will take you through each affordable step from desiging your tank to installation. We will even service your tank, no matter the brand, shape or material it is made from. We pride ourselves on good service at Aussie Water Savers and this service includes a qualified and experienced specialist checking, cleaning and maintaining your tank. We deliver for free within the Sydney Metro area withing 48 hours if the product is in stock. Otherwise delivery only takes a few days. Get in contact and start saving money on your water bill now! Call us on (02) 9623 4700 or enquire online at info@aussiewatersavers.com.au 



Award winning rainwater tank

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