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Top 5 rainwater tank myths busted

Top 5 rainwater tank myths busted. All slim tanks are the same. Not true. Each manufacturer has their own dimensions Steel tanks are more durable. Remember this, all steel corrodes. Plastic doesn’t. Filtration is optional. Not exactly. Pumps last longer with cleaner...

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Water Tank Design Considerations

Aussie Water Savers understand that every project is different – which is why we’d be more than happy to design a water tank that will uniquely match your needs. Whether you’re a growing family, avid gardener, or interested environmentalist – we’re here to help you...

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Bushfire Season Is Upon Us

This year, Australian bushfire season is starting earlier than ever before, making it especially vital to be aware of property protection and the safe use of rainwater storage. Rules & Regulations for Bush Fire Rated Areas Buildings constructed in bushfire prone...

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