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Aussie Water Savers understand that every project is different – which is why we’d be more than happy to design a water tank that will uniquely match your needs. Whether you’re a growing family, avid gardener, or interested environmentalist – we’re here to help you design your perfect water tank. Here are a few things to take into consideration during your water tank design process.


The amount of space you have available will have an impact on the size of your ideal water tank. If you’re limited by space requirements, a tank with a smaller diameter and taller height would be better suited to your needs. If your space isn’t limited, a tank with a shorter height and wider diameter would provide better results.

Aussie Water Savers create water tank designs that can perfectly suit a variety of spaces, from our slim rainwater tanks being ideal for narrow installation areas, to our underground rainwater tanks giving you the opportunity to make the most of your property. We’ve even installed tanks under driveways before – so rest assured that we can make it fit.


Water tanks come in a variety of materials, giving you the opportunity to select a material perfectly suited for your water tank needs – and with Aussie Water Savers, you can be sure that no matter which material you select, it would have been tested by us for thickness, durability and quality.

When designing your ideal water tank, there are several materials which you can choose from.

  • Polyethene water tanks are easy to move and available in a variety of shapes and colours.
  • Fibreglass water tanks are great for above-ground tanks.
  • Steel and stainless-steel tanks come in many shapes and selected colours.
  • Bladder tanks are great for underground placement.
  • Concrete tanks are strong and durable and come in several shapes.


No matter which environment your water tank will be installed into, it will require coating to defend itself against corrosion. During the design stage, you will have the opportunity to select a coating that will best suit you.

The options involve a choice between factory applied coating, which will ensure a proper cure and an even layer, and field-applied coating, which is subject to the environment during the application process and as such may not be as even. Aussie Water Savers recommends factory applied coating as a way to complement our quality raw material water tanks.

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At Aussie Water Savers, we understand the importance of choosing a water tank suited to your needs and situation – and as such, are available to provide advice and designs for your water tank needs. Our team has over 40 years of combined rainwater tank installation experience and we will take you through each affordable step from designing your tank to installation: so, if you are interested in investing in a water tank, contact Aussie Water Savers today. We are available online and on (02) 9623 4700. We look forward to hearing from you.