The Importance of Aussie Tank Bag | Aussie Water Savers

To keep your tank system working well it is a good idea to keep up the regular maintenance checks carried out by the experts.

On the home owner’s part, there is one major thing that is easy to do and the best way to keep your tank debris free; that’s installing The Aussie Tank Bag!

The Aussie Tank Bag is an exclusive design to Aussie Water Savers! It has been engineered with the finest filtration available, and fits neatly under most tank baskets up to 400mm.

By adding this bag to your Rainwater Tank system, it does two major things.

1. It replaces the tradition first flush system that tends to waste up to 60L of water; instead it saves the MAXIMUM amount of water by simply filtering every drop of water tank enters your Rainwater Tank.
2. You will get clear and pure natural water clear from any debris, pests or leaves that may have slipped through your strainer basket; it acts as a second filtration system.

The Aussie Tank Bag is a 100% reusable filter bag; easy to clean with your garden hose!