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Wentworth Falls Tank Installation

Client name Private client
Client type Rural home
Project Date 2021
Project type New rainwater tank installation
Problems to be solved: Storage capacity
Fire fighting
Details The client contacted Aussie Water Savers with a desire to have on site storage of rainwater without impeding on the use of usable outdoor space.  Another design constraint was the access to bring in a tank of reasonable size.
A flat base was not available for tank installation.
AWS designed a tank system of 1 x 10,000 litre round tank to be connected to a powerful electric garden pump, plus filtration suitable for operating irrigation plus connection point for fire fighting pump. A new concrete slab was poured in addition to concrete sleeper retaining walls built for a permanent and proper solution to sloping land.
The installation took one day to complete the site has more than 10,000 litres in storage when other tank installers were not able to provide a quote for more than 5,000 litres
Client investment $5,000 to $10,000