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Terrey Hills Pump Exchange

Client name Private client
Client type Residential new dwelling
Project Date 2021
Project type Pump system replacement
Problems to be solved: Faulty hardware
Uncontactable original installer
Limited space
Details The client contacted Aussie Water Savers with a query about replacing a water diverter and pump system for their rainwater tank.
The original installer of the tank system was no longer in business and the client had not been successful in hiring a suitable specialist with expertise to resolve the faulty pump and diverter system which delivered rainwater to toilets and washing machine.
AWS designed and assembled a hydrostatic diverter valve (WaterMark approved) to be installed with a new pump set.
The installation took approximately 3 – 4 hours and freed up an outdoor power point plus allowed for more space for the client to grow plants in the garden bed.
Client investment $2,000 to $5,000