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Oxley Park Public School

Client name Oxley Park Public School
Client type Public school
Project Date March 2020
Project type Pump design and assembly
Problems to be solved: Noise reduction
Water use
Water accessibility
Details The client contacted Aussie Water Savers with a number of tanks already in site which had not yet been used. The client advised than tanks had not been in use since they were installed. 
The client stated that a petrol powered pump was used 4 times before it broke, and teachers complained about noise while delivering classes to students. 
Aussie Water Savers designed and assembled an electric pump capable of pumping water to 2 hoses up to 40m long each, while not producing noise which would interfere with classes.
An electric pump was assembled to specification which was then mounted on a portable all terrain trolley of light weight but sturdy construction and provided water resistance as well as noise reduction. The trolley comprised of retractable electrical extension cord, plus retractable hose reel with brass fittings and high quality trigger nozzle, plus additional outlet for further connection to hose to be used simultaneously.
All tanks on site were fitted with uniform 25mm outlets to allow quick coupling of pump systems to all tanks on site.
Client investment $3,000 to $7,000