James Ruse Agricultural High School | Aussie Water Savers

James Ruse Agricultural High School

Client name James Ruse Agricultural High School
Client type School
Project Date 2019
Project type New rainwater tank installation
Problems to be solved: Storage capacity


Details The client contacted Aussie Water Savers with a desire to have on site storage of rainwater without impeding on the use of grounds by the students. Additionally, due to the number of buildings on site, tank capacity needed to be spread out across buildings to ensure that water from more than one building was being captured.

AWS designed a multi tank system that enabled water to be caught from one building nearby the irrigation hub, which consisted of a 10,000 litre round tank and pressure pump, plus 2 x 2500 litre slim tanks installed in the students play area.

The installation took one day to complete the site has 15,000 litre storage capacity. This contiributes to the schools commitment to sustainability goals.
Client investment $5,000 to $10,000