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Ashbury slim tank

Client name Private Customer
Client type Private residence
Project Date February 2020
Project type Slim tank installation on sloping site
Problems to be solved: Sloping site
Stormwater drainage
Conforming design
Details The client contacted Aussie Water Savers with a requirement to store as much water as possible without covering windows or doors of the home.
The desired installation point was heavily sloping and did not have suitability for installation. Down pipes were not connected to stormwater lines exposed and onsite.
Aussie Water Savers manufactured and installed a 5250 slim tank which was installed in two components which was a 2250 slim and a 3000 slim installed on a newly created base built from crusher dust and treated pine timber sleepers. The tank system was connected together and nearby down pipe into tank overflow back into overflow exposed stormwater lines.
Client investment $4000 to $8000