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Save rain water and reduce
water bills with Aussie Water Savers.We design,
manufacture, deliver and install.


Slimline tanks

Round tanks

Underground tanks


Get your rainwater
tank installed by the

Aussie Water Savers specialises in installations for
new and older homes. We can design a system that’s just right for your home, manufacture and install it to suit your budget. Improve the value of your home, reduce water expenses, and contribute to saving the
environment without lifting a finger.

Servicing, repairs, and

Aussie Water Savers isn’t just a rainwater tank manufacturer and service provider. We are your water conservation partner. If your existing tank needs repairs, servicing, cleaning, or more accessories, we can provide everything you need. If we don’t manufacture or assemble the accessories needed, we keep an extensive range of accessories to make accessing cleaner water in more volume easier for you.


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