Warranty & Service


When you purchase an Aussie Water Savers Rainwater Tank system you automatically receive product warranty for your system for peace of mind. 


Standard 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty ( We know they last longer!)


A Package BASIX Pump Systems: 2x2 Years Warranty
B Package BASIX pump Systems: 1 x Years Warranty

Submersible Pumps: 2 x Years Warranty 
Garden Pumps: 2 x Years Warranty

We are that certain of the quality and standards of our products that we are the ONLY company in Australia that offers Lifetime Warranty on your Rainwater Tank when Aussie Water Savers Install and Maintain your Rainwater Tank System.


You are eligible for lifetime warranty on your Aussie Water Savers Rainwater Tank when:

  • Proof of purchase for your Aussie Water Savers installation is provided with your warranty form for any warranty claims
  • Rainwater Tanks and pump systems are supplied, installed and maintained by Aussie Water Savers from time of installation
  • Signed up as an AWS CLUB member and take up maintenance check program which is completed at least twice per year by AWS
  • You have downloaded the warranty form and sent back to Aussie Water Savers Head office at:

    Aussie Water Savers
    23 Charles Street
    ST MARYS NSW 2760


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