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Aussie Water Savers warrants that new products sold by it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Aussie Water Savers will assess all written claims and repair or replace the product at its own discretion, on the basis set out in these Warranty terms and conditions.  For further enquiries, please contact us via the contact form on this website or email info@aussiewatersavers.com.au

  1. Approval from Aussie Water Savers  must be obtained before any rectification is taken or the warranty claim will be rejected.
  2. Repairs or works carried out on Aussie Water Savers products and installations without the consent of Aussie Water Savers during the warranty period will constitute abuse, misuse and mistreatment of the products intended purpose and will not be covered under warranty.
  3. The warranty applies to the original end user/purchaser only and is not transferable should the tank be moved from it’s original installation point
  4. Warranty is not transferable to any other individual or entity with the exception of trade customers purchasing products on behalf of their client for the specified address.
  5. To the extent permitted by law, Aussie Water Savers’s liability is limited to these Warranty Terms and Conditions, in particular the cost of repair and replacement of the product, at Aussie Water Savers’s discretion. 
  6. Aussie Water Savers is not liable for any consequential losses or liability arising from manufactured and assembled product faults including loss of profits or the cost of transport installation, removal or replacement of tank contents or any other loss except where permitted by law. 
  7. Products installed in remote locations not easily accessible will need to be returned to an Aussie Water Savers agent’s premises or other location as required by Aussie Water Savers at the purchaser’s expense to enable inspection and/or repair. 
  8. Aussie Water Savers warrants its tanks will perform the function for which they are designed for, namely to hold potable water at ambient rainwater temperature.
  9. The original receipt must be kept as proof of purchase to validate the warranty. All Aussie Water Savers products are manufactured with a 30 day trade warranty, plus an applicable consumer guarantee of 2 years, unless otherwise specified. Warranty and guarantee is only applicable when the owner of the property where the tank is installed registers their details with Aussie Water Savers within 6 months of date of original sale of the product. 
  10. Should the tank fail to perform its function for which it is made due to a manufacturing fault during the 10 year warranty period, Aussie Water Savers at its discretion may repair or replace the tank at no cost to the customer.
  11. Warranty will be null and void if damage is caused by acts of God such as floods, earthquakes, landslides, ozone depletion or natural disasters.
  12. Aussie Water Savers accepts no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by products that have not been secured properly.  This includes tanks – they cannot move or fall over whether the tank is empty or contains water. Should this be the case, contact your installer immediately and do not allow young children, pets, frail, or elderly to go near the tank. If you cannot reach your installer, contact Aussie Water Savers to obtain advice. 
  13. Aussie Water Savers products are not load bearing products and are not designed to carry weight including that of a person or any other weight. Damage or faults arising from such activity is not covered under warranty. This does not apply to underground tanks. Seek advice from Aussie Water Savers first regarding load bearing properties of underground tanks first before covering with soil, concrete or any other material. 
  14. Wear and tear are not covered by warranty
  15. This warranty will be null and void if:
    – Aussie Water Savers products are not installed in accordance with the company’s installation procedures and by a licenced plumber by the relevant state governing authority and who is approved by Aussie Water Savers as a recognised installer
    – Aussie Water Savers products have been subjected to any form of misuse or any form of willful or accidental damage which may be a result of defective or sub standard installation works.
    – Aussie Water Savers products have been used for any other means than the collection of potable water.
  16. The purchaser is responsible for which tank they choose and for suitability of the purpose they wish to use it for. This warranty does not apply where the purchaser installs or uses a tank for a purpose for which it was not fit.
  17. Where any provisions of this warranty are inconsistent with the provisions of any statute, rule or regulation under the common law, that provision shall be treated as excised only to the extent of the inconsistency and leaving in so far as possible the balance of the provisions of this warranty unaffected.
  18. All liabilities, conditions, warranties and obligations of any kind (other than outlined in condition number 10) which are or may be imposed or implied to the contrary by any statute, rule or regulation, or under the common law and whether arising from the negligence of the company, its employees or otherwise are hereby excluded except to the extent that the company may be prevented from doing so by any statute, rule or regulation under the common law.
  19. The Purchaser is responsible to return goods to the original place of purchase for any issue related to warranty so AUSSIE WATER SAVERS can determine whether it is a warranty claim, and is so can repair or replace, the product (water tank) AUSSIE WATER SAVERS will return the product to (water tank) to the original place of purchase or retailer from where the purchaser if able to collect their goods (water tank) from. In order to minimise cost for the end user / client, Aussie Water Savers recommends photos / video be sent electronically to Aussie Water Savers in order to gather information regarding the fault. Once this information is assessed, Aussie Water Savers will advise the end user / client of further action to be undertaken under warranty, if any. 
  20. All outlets are provided with a water tight BSP fittings. There is no warranty on fittings that leak. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the ball valves are not over tightened or fittings are not used to lift tanks. Aussie Water Savers does not provide warranty for ball valves or overflow fittings.

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